Richmond Central Infrastructure Project

This page explains the background and status of a major project to replace water services and reduce the flood risk to central Richmond.


In December 2011 record rainfall caused flooding throughout Tasman District. In April 2013 the district was hit again, this time with a one-in-500-year flood. The floods saw businesses in Queen Street and Oxford Street inundated with large volumes of water, requiring a large, costly clean-up. Part of the problem was the level of Queen Street, which is higher in the centre of the road than the floor level of the buildings, allowing water to flow into the buildings.  A major construction project, spread over 10 years, will see the stormwater system in central Richmond upgraded and water and wastewater pipes replaced.

Driving the project is the need to replace undersized water services and to better control surface flooding . The end result will be a system that can cope with a one-in-20 year flood with no surface flooding and one-in-100-year flood, without flooding to buildings on Queen Street.  This will significantly reduce the damage and inconvenience caused by extreme rain events in future.

The project will divert water away from Queen Street and a new pressure pipeline will be installed in Washbourn Gardens running to Poutama Drain below Jubilee Park. An important part of the project, to be completed in the first stage, involves lowering the level of the road carriageway in Queen Street to create a controlled flow path for stormwater.

Queen Street Upgrade

Work replace ageing pipe infrastructure under Queen Street and to resurface the street is underway.


Below is an indicative timeframe.

  • Stage 1 - 2017 - 18: Divert stormwater flows from Upper Queen Street and upgrade Queen Street 
  • Stage 2 – 2016 - 18: Preliminary and detailed design of new stormwater pressure main
  • Stage 3 – 2021 - 22: Install new stormwater pressure main from Washbourn Gardens to Poutama Drain
  • Stage 4 - 2023 - 25: Upgrade stormwater system in the Washbourn Drive area
  • Stage 5 – 2022-25: Provide stormwater diversions for Hunt Street and Gladstone Road
  • Stage 6 – 2022-25: Overland stormwater flow management


Work to identify all the underground utilities and assess the soil types present under the street surface on Oxford, Cambridge and Church streets has begun prior to design for the new stormwater pressure main that will run from Washbourn Gardens to Poutama Drain.

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