Richmond West & South Watermain

This page provides details about a project to install a watermain from the Richmond Water Treatment Plant to a new reservoir to be built in Richmond South, and increase the capacity of the existing water treatment plant. 

About the Project

To service residential growth in Richmond West and South and improve the resilience of Richmond's water supply, this project will install a new watermain from the Richmond Water Treatment Plant to a new reservoir planned for Richmond South.  The work is being undertaken in stages, in co-operation with private land developers.

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Work programme

Work began in November 2017 and will continue into the 2021/22 financial year.

Completed Work

  • Installation of a trunk watermain in Paton Road and the Arizona Subdivision is now complete.

Work in Progress

  • Installation of a section of watermain along Bateup Road between Three Brothers Corner and Paton Road will be undertaken as part of the Bateup Road widening project. Work began in April 2018 and is planned for completion in February 2019.
  • We are increasing the capacity of the Richmond Water Treatment Plant by building a new balance tank and installing pipework to connect to the new watermain.
  • An 830m section of watermain is being installed from the Richmond Water Treatment Plant under and alongside Borck Creek, to service land planned for development in this area.

Planned Work

  • The remaining sections of the watermain will be completed in the coming years.

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More Information

If you have any queries please feel free to contact the relevant people below:

Richmond South & West Watermain

  • Tasman District Council contact for the this project is Rob O'Grady who can be reached on 03 543 8634, or on email at Rob.O'

Bateup Road Widening


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