Wakefield Water Treatment Plant

This page details the Wakefield Water Treatment Plant project and provides regular updates.

Construction work to build the water treatment plant is planned for the 2018-19 financial year. A new water transmission main from the new treatment plant site in Spring Grove to the existing reservoirs on Edward Street in Wakefield is also planned as part of this project.


Tasman District Council has an ongoing programme to increase water supply capacity and improve water treatment in the district to meet New Zealand Drinking Water Standards.

In line with this, a new water treatment plant is planned for the Wakefield area. Concept designs are under way. Work is also progressing on establishing the most cost effective route for the main pipeline.

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  • Preliminary design of the plant is underway.
  • Construction will not begin until the 2018/19 financial year.
  • Prior to the construction of the plant, a delivery pipeline from the proposed water treatment site to the Wakefield township will be installed. 

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