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Cyclone Gita - Update 002 A state of emergency has been declared in the Nelson Tasman region following the significant continuing impact from Cyclone Gita. Tasman District Council Mayor Richard Kempthorne signed the declaration at 7:20 pm. Further flooding in Takaka likely:Following significa...

State of Emergency Declared in Nelson Tasman

Cyclone Gita Information

We'll be posting regular updates on Cyclone Gita for Tasman residents. Civil Defence Centres are open in Motueka, Takaka, Marahau and Nelson.

Read the latest storm update

Water Meter Renewals Programme

Tasman District Council has a 10-year programme to replace water meters across the district - this page details the current work programme and describes the new meters.

Renewals Programme

In 2017 we are continuing to replace ageing water meters as part of our ongoing programme to keep the District’s water reticulation network well-maintained.

The meters in some areas have reached an age where they are likely to be showing signs of deterioration and reduced accuracy. The loss of accuracy can affect the way we manage our water resources, and how the costs of water supply are distributed across the community.

The meters to be replaced in 2017 are in some streets in Richmond.

How Will I Know if My Water Meter Will be Replaced?

If your meter is one of those scheduled for replacement, you will receive a letter to notify you prior to the work being done. 

The water supply to your property will need to be shut off for a short period of time between the hours of 9am and 3pm. 

The letter will include details on the timing, what’s involved, and who to contact if you have any queries.

Contractor Contact Details

If you receive a letter advising your meter is to be replaced and you have questions, contact Fulton Hogan directly on 027 502 0045.

About the New Meters

The new manifold meters are easier to read by sitting higher and less likely to get buried by dirt. They have a longer life span and are cheaper and easier to replace.

water meter new 2014

 water meter old 2014

More Information

If you have any queries regarding this work please contact us.

You can also email Programme Delivery Manager Russell McGuigan.

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