Environmental Projects

This page outlines projects that are intended to manage the environment in specific areas of the Tasman District.

Erosion and Sediment Control Science Review

A project being undertaken to review the science that underpins current guidance on what is best practice for erosion and sediment control in New Zealand.

Golden Bay Landscape Project

This project is about recognising and protecting outstanding natural features and landscapes in Golden Bay.

Motueka Flood Control Project

The Motueka Plains are at risk of flooding. Council is reviewing the options for better levels of protection.

Richmond Airshed Project

The Richmond Airshed project was initiated as part of a nationwide initiative to reduce poor air quality in towns and cities where pollution from domestic wodburners is known to effect the way people go about their day-to-day lives.

Richmond Housing Choice

What will the future Richmond look like? In our third round of consultation, we're proposing several changes. Have your say on the proposal.

Takaka River Flood Hazard Project

A project to better understand the flood hazard and the risk to the community from the Takaka River and investigate risk reduction options.

Wakefield Strategic Review - Stage 2

This page provides background information about the Wakefield Strategic Review, a project aiming to update the Tasman Resource Management Plan to provide for sustainable growth sustainable in the area.

Completed and Archived Projects