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Richmond Housing Choice 150pxWhat will the future Richmond housing look like? This section details the work of the Housing Choice for Central Richmond project.

This web page deals with the Richmond Housing Choice project and Richmond Housing Choice Plan Change 66 (PC66).  PC66 proposed changes to the planning rules to encourage medium density housing close to the Richmond town centre.

Changing to medium density residential housing allows greater choice of living opportunities and encourages more efficient use of land and infrastructure.

Project Update October 2018

As no appeals were lodged against PC66, the decisions version of the change as currently incorporated into the District plan, will become fully operative later this year. When operative, the formal plan change process is complete.

Below is more information about the decisions made on PC66 and the proposed PC66 as originally notified in October 2017.

Project Update July 2018

Following the notification of proposed Plan Change 66 in October 2017, receipt of submissions in December 2017 and a hearing held on 11 April 2018, Council evaluated the submissions and accepted many of the improvements requested by submitters.

The Council’s decisions on submissions were  publicly notified on 14 July. On notification, the new provisions have legal effect. Rules become fully ‘operative’ when they are beyond legal contest, i.e. if there are no appeals or any appeals lodged are resolved.

Project Update January 2018

Council received 21 submissions on the Richmond Housing Choice Proposed Plan Change 66 and no further submissions.

People raised the following topics:

  1. Richmond Intensive Development Area Rules and Plan Framework – Design and location rules, location choice (Cautley St Character Area)/Communal space/Amenity issues
  2. Infrastructure – Transport/ three waters - wastewater, stormwater, water supply
  3. Heritage buildings, Protected Trees and Cultural Heritage
  4. Miscellaneous –/Affordability/ Council Fees/Universal Design/Protection of rural land for food production

Hearing proposed for April

As the submission and further submission period is now closed, the next step is for Council to assess the submission requests. Thereafter a hearing will be held so that people who made submissions on the plan change can be heard.  At this stage, a hearing is proposed for early April.

Plan Change Proposed

We’re proposing to change our planning rules to encourage medium density housing in Richmond, close to the town centre.

Reduced household sizes, changes in lifestyles and an ageing population and are resulting in an increased demand for small and compact properties. Changing to medium density residential housing allows greater choice of living opportunities and encourages more efficient use of land and infrastructure.

Indicative Map

Richmond Housing Choice Indicative Map

View a detailed map in the Plan Change Proposal

What is proposed to change?

The proposed changes include new rules for more compact housing with a high standard of amenity that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional to live in.

This means we’re proposing:

  • A new minimum lot size of 200 sq m – down from 350 sq m
  • Increased building coverage of 50%
  • Increased building height of 7.5 metres (two storeys)
  • Building setbacks designed to allow for sun, light and privacy
  • Requirement of a wall recess, where an upper floor wall exceeds 12 metres in length
Car parking:
  • Reduced parking of one space per dwelling and one visitor park per three dwellings
Stormwater control:
  • A new permitted stormwater rule
Notification of resource consents:
  • No limited notification of Controlled subdivision applications that comply with the rules (except for special circumstances)
  • No limited notification of Restricted Discretionary Land Use applications that comply with the rules (except for special circumstances)
  • Recent changes to the Resource Management Act mean public notification of such applications is precluded

Advisory Group

The group is no longer active but this page explains why it was set up and its membership.

Documents - Richmond Residential Density Project

A list of documents for the Richmond Urban Density Project.


Here is an example of what a housing development in the Richmond Intensive Development Area could look like.

richmond housing choice concept examples


Further Information

For further information contact Mary Honey or Jacqui Deans.

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