Wakefield Strategic Review - Stage 2

A second round of zoning changes have been proposed for Wakefield in response to community feedback.

The proposals are:

  • Re-zone some land on Bird Lane from rural to residential (deferred until infrastructure is in place)
  • Re-zone some land at Totara View Road from rural residential to rural
  • Re-zone some land at Higgins Road from rural to rural residential (deferred)
  • Specify the location for an indicative walkway between Genia Drive and Kilkenny Place.

These ideas were suggested in submissions on an earlier round of rezoning and rule changes for Wakefield, which were designed to manage likely population growth over the next 20 years.

After carrying out more research and talking to those likely to be affected, we formally proposed extra changes to the Tasman Resource Management Plan and invited submissions.

Find Out More

The community were invited to the monthly meeting of the Wakefield Community Council on 16 October to learn more and ask questions of Council staff.

If you have questions about that meeting or any other aspect of the proposed Plan Change, contact Planning Consultant Shelagh Noble, email Shelagh.Noble@tasman.govt.nz or phone 021 150 2391.

Make a Submission

About the 2015 Plan Change

This strategic review brochure provides information about the 2015 plan change. Other documents and reports provide further background information.

Victoria University Project

As part of the Wakefield Strategic Review, third-year students from Victoria University completed an exercise in the area from 20 to 25 July 2015.

This project is a community initiative, supported by the council to:

  • Add value to future design projects in the public domain
  • Empower and support the local community to be self-sustaining