Wai-iti Valley Community Dam

The Wai-iti Valley Community Dam is an 800 million litre dam designed to store a surplus of water through the wet months to be released during dry weather.

The construction of the dam was a community led project adopted by the Tasman District Council at the request of Wai-iti irrigators (Wai-iti Water Augmentation Committee) in mid 2002.  

Construction was completed in May 2006 at the site next to Eight Eight Valley Road, near Hiwipango. By the end of September 2006 the dam was 33 percent full with the dam reaching capacity for the first time on 11 August 2008.

Four weirs have been constructed in the river below the dam since 2000. The weirs raise the water table in the river, creating more pressure for water in the river to seep into the adjacent underground aquifers and recharge the groundwater.

The dam has substantially increased water security in the Wai-iti Valley and added enough additional capacity to irrigate a further 300 hectares of land.

Wai-iti Community Dam at 11 October 2010. The dam was full and spilling that day.