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Documents relating to the Waimea Community Dam (originally the Waimea Water Augmentation Project) can be accessed below.

Waimea Commuity Dam Governance and Funding Submissions

Consultation has closed. We received 1384 submissions.

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Report 2009-09 Enhancing Water Distribution from the Waimea Water Augmentation Project Report 2009-11 A Management Plan for Lee Valley - A Tangata Whenua Perspective Report 2009-11 Anaysis Of Suspended Sediment Data From Upper Lee River Report 2009-12 Aquatic Ecology - Mitigation and Management Options Associated with Water Storage in the Proposed Lee Reservoir Report 2009-12 Assessment Of Effects On Recreation Report 2009-12 Enhancement Opportunities Scoping Plan Report 2009-12 Geotechnical Investigations Report Report 2009-12 Lee Valley Storage Dam Engineering Feasibility Report Report 2009-12 Terrestrial Ecology Effects Assessment Report 2009-12 Water Allocation Options and Resource Consent Requirements for the Waimea Water Augmentation Project Report 2009-12 Water Resource Investigations Report 2010-01 Acoustic Bat Survey Of The Lee River Catchment Development Area Report 2010-01 Financial and Economic Assessment of Water Augmentation in the Waimea Catchment Report 2010-01 Water For The Waimea Basin - Community Survey Report Report 2010-02 Lee Valley Dam Feasibility - Investigations - Summary Report

Documents relating to the Waimea Community Dam.