St Arnaud Plans 2012-2022

This page contains plans and projects for the St Arnaud Settlement outlined in Council's Long Term Plan and Annual Plan.

St Arnaud Settlement Area

Population Projection

Settlement Area



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St Arnaud









The projected decrease in population of -21 people represents a growth rate of -4.75% between 2011-2031 for St Arnaud.

St Arnaud services and is the gateway to Nelson Lakes National Park.  While it has long been a small summer holiday resort, it has also developed facilities to cater for winter recreation at a nearby ski-field.

The most significant constraints on development are surveyed public support for only moderate township development and environmental matters such as protection of native vegetation and the water quality of Lake Rotoiti. Also, it is necessary to restrict development (including subdivision) in the vicinity of the Alpine Fault, an active fault that crosses the township.

An alternative development area has been developing at Tophouse, providing for low density residential allotments.  The extent of land zoned Rural-Residential at Tophouse/Wairau Saddle is sufficient for those seeking larger lots in a sub-alpine environment without adversely impacting on the national park or the setting of St Arnaud township.  St Arnaud is expected to remain the main focus for services and facilities.  Refer to the attached St Arnaud Growth Model map.

Growth Planning

Commercial zoning is provided in the centre of St Arnaud to serve the Lake Rotoiti area and minimise effects of commercial development on other areas.

Provision for new residential and holiday home development on land adjacent to Borlase Avenue and to the rear of existing residential development on the north side of the State Highway has been subject to the development of an approved reticulated wastewater system.  With this, a slightly higher density than some other parts of the township is expected to occur while maintaining the existing character of the areaFuture residential demand is expected to be satisfied from within these residential areas.

Major Projects Planned for St Arnaud 2012-2022

Engineering (refer to the attached St Arnaud infrastructure map):

  • St Arnaud Infrastructure Map Final
  • Desludging of wastewater treatment plant oxidation ponds at St Arnaud (2019/2020).
  • Upgrade pumping main from St Arnaud to wastewater treatment plant (2018-2020).
  • Borlase catchment project (2012/2013-2014/2015).

Community Services:

  • Continued support for Rotoiti Community Hall.