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St Arnaud Plans

This page contains plans and projects for the St Arnaud Settlement outlined in Council's Long Term Plan.

St Arnaud Settlement Area 2018

Settlement Area Reports provide an overview of the demographics, development options and the projects that Council has proposed for our main towns and villages.  

These projects aim to address anticipated growth, improve the services already provided and ensure that existing public assets are maintained and fit for purpose.

Implementation of the proposed projects would take place during/beyond the term of the Long Term Plan 2018-2028.

St Arnaud Settlement Area 2015

Population Projection




Short term (yrs 1-3)



Medium term (yrs 4-

10) 2

2024/25 –


Long term (yrs 11-20)






Median age




Median household income




Household size




Number of dwellings required




  1. Years a split as they represent financial years (e.g. July 2015 – June 2018 for years 1-3).
  2. Years 1-10 represent life of LTP.
  3. Years 1-20 accord with life of AMP.

There are currently 250 dwellings in the residential area, but only 45 households. This reflects the high proportion of holiday homes in the area, which remain empty for a lot of the year. The proportion of dwellings to households is 5.73, which is high.

St Arnaud is subject to risk from a number of natural hazards and the town’s natural character needs to be protected due to its close proximity to a national park. Growth is anticipated to be low. Modest amounts of land have been identified for residential use in the eastern and western flanks of the town and for business use in the western area.

Major Projects Planned for St Arnaud in 2015/2016

  • New flow meter on rising main at wastewater treatment plant
    • Walkway development

Major Projects Planned for St Arnaud between 2015/2016 and 2025/2026


  • St Arnaud wastewater generator renewal (2018/2019)
  • St Arnaud wastewater treatment plant renewals (2019/2020)

Community Development

  • Continued support for Rotoiti Community Hall