This page contains information and links about Takaka, New Zealand.

Takaka is the largest urban settlement in Golden Bay. Over the years it has attracted both local and overseas holiday makers as well as permanent residents seeking an alternative lifestyle. Today, the area plays a major role in the District's dairying industry.

A significant part of the wider Golden Bay land ownership consists of non-resident owners who primarily come to Golden Bay during the peak holiday season. This non-resident population, in addition to tourist visitors, also depend on Takaka for key service provision over the holiday season.


Takaka Information

Takaka Photos

Photos of the Takaka area from members of the public.

Takaka Plans

Information about plans and projects for Takaka outlined in the Long Term Plan and Annual Plan.

Takaka Recreation

Information about community halls, reserves, playgrounds, and sportsgrounds in and around Takaka.

Takaka Services

Information about cemeteries, libraries, rubbish, recycling and wastewater in and around Takaka.

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