Motueka Aerodrome

Motueka Aerodrome is owned and managed by Tasman District Council. This page provides operational details and contact information.

The current runway is 729 metres long and 11 metres wide and is asphalt-surfaced.

A number of businesses operate from Motueka Aerodrome.

  • Skydive Abel Tasman
  • Motueka Aero Club
  • Nelson Aviation College
  • Blue Sky Microlight

A number of hangars and fuel facilities are available.

Circuit Map

This map shows the circuit pattern/standard flight path for all planes at Motueka aerodrome. A circuit pattern is  used to position aircraft during take-off and landing to minimise the risk of collision. The rectangular markings on the map are indicative only and provided to help residents understand the expected flight paths of aircraft using the aerodrome.

For detailed information on the procedures to be followed when using Motueka aerodrome please refer to AIP New Zealand.

Motueka Aerodrome circuit map

Advisory Group

The Motueka Aerodrome Advisory Group works with Council in the development and management of the aerodrome.

It is not a decision-making group but provides feedback and makes recommendations to the Council on Motueka aerodrome related matters.

Operations and Safety Committee

This committee meets regularly to discuss issues and recommend actions regarding flight operations and safety to the Council.

Motueka Aerodrome Plan and Memorandum of Understanding

The Motueka Aerodrome Management Plan aims to co-ordinate the aerodrome's use, operations, maintenance and developments safely, efficiently and in cooperation with the aerodrome operators.  It covers the governance and management of the aerodrome and includes the Advisory Group, Operations and Safety Committee, Emergency Plan and Development Plan.

Motueka Aerodrome's  Memorandum Of Understanding contains a best practice  guide for aviators operating from the aerodrome.

Related Information

Council has a policy on where you can and can't fly drones, model aircraft and other unmanned aircraft over Council land. Included in this policy is information regarding the flight restriction zones around Motueka Aerodrome.

Further Information

The Aerodrome Operator is the Property Services Manager, Mark Johannsen. For further information regarding the Motueka Aerodrome, please contact  Mark Johannsen