Takaka Aerodrome

The Takaka Aerodrome is situated on State Highway 60 north-west of Takaka. Established in 1940 the aerodrome is owned by Tasman District Council.

The aerodrome has two runways. The first one runs north-south with the second, crossing over it in a south-east to north-west direction. The north-south runway is 825 metres long, 11 metres wide and is sealed.


Takaka Aerodrome Management Plan and Emergency Plan

The Takaka Aerodrome Management Plan aims to co-ordinate the aerodrome's use, operations, and maintenance safely and efficiently.  It also covers the governance and management of the aerodrome and the Emergency Plan.

Takaka Aerodrome Management Plan

Takaka Aerodrome Emergency Plan

Further Information

The Aerodrome Operator is the Property Services Manager, Mark Johannsen.  For further information regarding Takaka Aerodrome, please contact Mark Johannsen.

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