Car Parking

Car parking throughout the Tasman District is free, with some car parks restricted by time limits. This page gives details of restrictions, limits and how to pay parking tickets.

Parking Restrictions in Tasman District

The Council operates a number of car parks in the District. Please respect the needs of others by not parking longer than the time limit.

Accessible Car Parks and Mobility Permits

There are also a number of accessible parks which require a Mobility Parking Permit to be displayed.

Enforcement Officers are contracted to Council to educate the public about the parking restrictions in the Tasman area and to enforce these if necessary.

If you have any concerns about persistent illegal parking, please contact the Tasman District Council

If You Receive a Parking Infringement Notice

If you receive an Infringement Notice for a Stationary Vehicle Offence from Council you have 28 days in which to pay the fine.

If you do not pay the fine within this timeframe, the Infringement Notice will be sent through to the Ministry of Justice and further costs will be incurred. You will then be contacted by the District Court and ordered to pay both the fine and the Court costs to them.

Your rights of appeal are outlined on the reverse of the Infringement Notice and on the subsequent reminder.

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