Road Safety

Find out about local road safety issues and how the Council's Road Safety Co-ordinator works with a range of groups and organisations to deliver road safety projects.

Child Restraints

Check the rules about using child restraints, get safety information and find out about local programmes.

Cycle Safety

Find out about cycle safety programmes.

Motorbike & Scooter Safety

Find out who to contact to report motorcycle or scooter hazards. Or link to safety information.

Pedestrian Safety

See what the Council has in store to help promote zebra crossings.

School Road Safety Issues

Find out about local road safety issues, how to get road safety funding, and how to contact the Road Safety Coordinator.

School Travel Planning

Read about School Travel Planning and how you can get involved.

Stopping Distances Demonstrations

View a two-minute video showing emergency braking at 20kph, 50kph and 60kph.