This page explains how the School Travel Plan process works and where to go for further information.

What is School Travel Planning?

A School Travel Plan looks at the journey to and from school for children and their families. This includes any road safety issues they may encounter on these journeys regardless of their mode of transport. The School Travel Plan will look at ways to reduce the safety issues and also how to ease congestion around the school gate by encouraging more children and their families to walk, cycle or scooter to and from school.

How Does a School Travel Plan Work?

The School Travel Plan is developed by the school, its community, the Police and the Council through the Road Safety Coordinator. Everyone works with the school to resolve any pressing issues e.g. congestion at the school gate and putting a safe programme into action. Each Plan is tailored to meet the needs of a particular school. The end result generates a solution that is owned by the school, the wider school community and is supported by the Council.

Does My School Need a Travel Plan?

If you feel that your school or your child's school has an issue regarding safe journeys to school, please talk to the staff at the school in the first instance. Then, either the Principal, the Board of Trustees or you can contact the Road Safety Coordinator at the Council.


For more information please contact Road Safety Coordinator Krista Hobday.

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