Stopping Distances Demonstrations

Stopping distance demonstrations are held every two years around the district. The demonstrations show how long it takes for a car to stop when travelling at different speeds to encourage road safety.

2019 Demonstrations

Planning is underway to take demonstrations to Tasman District and Nelson City schools in March 2019.


For further information on these demonstrations and hot to become involved, please contact Megan Bell - Technical Officer (Road Safety Liaison) - Transportation.

2017 Demonstrations

In 2017, demonstrations were run during the week of Monday 3 April to Friday 7 April at different schools across the District. Overall 12 schools and just under 2000 people saw one of the demonstrations.

Watch a Demonstration

The following video is from stopping distance demonstrations held in at Murchison Area School and Tapawera Area School.

A trained driver shows the distance it takes to stop at various speeds. The key messages are:

  • Speed is a contributing factor in 20% of all fatal and serious injury crashes on New Zealand roads.
  • Each year, around 80 people are killed and 400 are seriously injured in speed-related crashes in New Zealand.
  • At speed, there is less opportunity for a driver to react to a mistake and recover.
  • We usually get to learn from our mistakes; but not when driving - the road is an exception. Even the smallest of mistakes on the road can cost us our life, or someone else's.