Regional Land Transport Programme

The Tasman Regional Land Transport Programme provides an integrated list of proposed roading activities for the district. The current programme (2015-2021) sets priorities for state highway and Council roading initiatives and forms the basis for the New Zealand Transport Agency to decide which proposals will be included in the National Land Transport Programme.

The 2015-2021 Land Transport Programme was developed in partnership with the three top of the south councils, Nelson City Council, Marlborough District Council and Tasman District Council.

Note that this programme replaces the previous Regional Land Transport Strategy.

About the Programme

The Tasman Regional Land Transport Programme outlines regional issues and identifies priorities for addressing land transport projects in the Tasman District, including:

  • Maintenance, operation and renewal of state highways;
  • Road safety projects;
  • Traffic management initiatives;
  • Transport planning;
  • Walking and cycling and environmental sustainability;
  • Route security;
  • Route efficiency.

Read the 2015-2021 Regional Land Transport Programme.

The Regional Land Transport Programme is managed by the Engineering Services Department, Phone: 03 543 8400.

Note that this programme replaces the Regional Land Transport Strategy.

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