Roading Policies & Permits

Council has a number of policies and permits relating to its roading network.

Corridor Access Request

Any excavation within road reserve requires consent from the Road Controlling Authority. Application forms are on this page.

Driveways (Vehicle Access Crossings)

Every property requires an approved driveway (vehicle access crossing point) on to a legal road. A copy of the application is available here.

Fencing between Private Property and Council Property

Where a landowner’s property fronts on to Council property (for example a walkway, park or reserve) they can apply to Council for a “Fencing Application”.

Licence to Occupy Road Reserve

Council allows private services such as gravity sewers, pressurised water supplies and wastewater pipes to be laid within road reserve.

Overweight and HPMV Permits

Vehicles heavier or larger than the standard dimensions need special permits to travel on the road.

Roadside Drains

The primary function of an open roadside drain is for land drainage. Read about Council's policy on roadside drains on this page.

Roadside Spraying

Council will permit landowners to opt out of the roadside vegetation spraying programme providing they maintain their road frontage to a satisfactory standard.

Speed Limits

All roads within the Tasman District have a Speed Limit. These are set under the Speed Limit Bylaw

Temporary Road Closures

Roads in the district can be temporarily closed for special events such as the annual Santa Parade, car rallies, cycle events and running events. You can apply for a temporary road closure here.

Temporary Traffic Management

Anyone planning to carry out any type of work on a Council road, shoulder, footpath or verge will need to apply for a Traffic Management Plan.

Tourist Signage

Council allows the installation of signs on or adjacent to the road margin. You can find out more about how to apply for signage here.

Trees in Road Reserve

Any person or utility operator wishing to remove any trees in the road reserve requires written permission from Council. Learn more about trees in road reserve here.