Corridor Access Request

Any work or activity that takes place on a road, footpath or berm - or affects people using it requires a corridor access request. This page tells you how to apply and explains what you have to do.

When do I need a Corridor Access Request?

  1. If you are planning to undertake any physical works within the Tasman District Council road corridor; or
  2. holding an event/activity that will effect the normal operation of the road, footpath or berm.

Corridor Access Request types


  • Excavations, directional drilling, resurfacing or undertaking any activity that will disturb the surface of the road corridor
  • Installing or maintaining pipes and ducts or other structures below, on or above the road corridor
  • Constructing and maintaining access ways
  • Opening manhole or chamber covers


  • Setting up safety fencing or scaffolding
  • Using machinery such as cranes
  • Tree felling or trimmimg
  • Applying for a TMP for non-intrusive works


  • Sometimes a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) is required for events such as parades, sporting events or music events


  • Emergency works that are required to be done within the day of knowing that the work is required. This application is to be completed retrospectivley after the works have been undertaken.

How do I Lodge a Request?

  1. Create an account at
  2. Create application
  3. Enter application type
  4. Enter location, dates, contacts, activity details and TTM information
  5. Submit application

To ensure that your application is approved as quickly as possible please include  a detailed site plan, a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) and as much detail as possible about the activity.

Excavation applications need to be submitted 15 working days in advance. Non-excavation applications need to be submitted five working days in advance.

Once application approved you can begin work

Works cannot proceed until your application is approved and the signed permit and TMP has been emailed to you.

Your obligations 


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