Rural Property Numbering

We strongly recommend that property owners display the property number in a prominent position at the entranceway and that the number conforms to our recommended size and style for ease of identification by Emergency Services.

Our recommended size and style is white reflectorised numbers at least 70mm high, on a blue rectangular background at least 100mm high by 170mm wide.


Requesting a rural property number

If you don’t already have a rural property number, or if you would like any further information please contact our Customer Service team on: 03 543 8400

Where can I get a number plate?

You can purchase numbers from most hardware stores, some signage companies, or you can paint your own number. Alternatively you can purchase a number plaque that meets our recommended style from:

About rural property numbers

We use distance-based address numbering for rural properties formerly called rural address property identification system or RAPID numbering.

Distance-based address numbering makes it easier for emergency services, service providers and visitors to find a particular house on a rural road as quickly as possible.

Properties are allocated a unique number based on the distance to the property entrance from the beginning of the road on which it is located.  Numbers on the right side of the road are allocated as even numbers, while those on the left are odd numbers.

The property number is calculated by measuring the distance in meters from the beginning of the road to the centre of the entrance to the property and dividing by 10. For example a property located 900 metres along Smith Road would have a rapid address of 90 Smith Road.

Even if a property owner doesn’t display a number, the property can still be found. For example, anyone looking for 90 Smith Road simply needs to travel for 0.9 km from the start of Smith Road and they will be at or near the property entrance.

Local Authorities are responsible for property addressing in line with the Australian/New Zealand Rural and Urban Addressing Standard (AS/NZS 4819:2011).