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Rural Property Numbering in Tasman - RAPID Numbers

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Local authorities must ensure all properties have a physical address or property number. This page details property numbers in Tasman, and explains how to get a rural property RAPID number plate.

Allocation of address points is a legal requirement. The use of RAPID number plates is not compulsory, however, Council strongly recommends their use purely from a safety perspective. All of the emergency services are familiar with the RAPID numbering system.

Tasman District Council allocates property numbers to all rural properties when requested by the property owner. The use of the blue and white reflectorised plates allows emergency services and essential services such as mail delivery and telecommunications to easily locate the property. Property numbers are governed by the Australia/New Zealand Addressing Standard AS/NZS 4819.

The basic rules for street numbering are even numbers on the right hand side and uneven numbers on the left, while the number is allocated relating to the distance starting at the beginning of the road.

Generally, rear properties down a right-of-way are allocated sequential whole numbers. Occasionally, when sequential numbers are already allocated, a letter suffix will be used.

Each address point is provided to Land Information New Zealand for inclusion in the national addressing database. Our updates are supplied to LINZ at the end of each month.

  • A rural number is allocated based on a distance from the start of a named road to a property’s entrance.
  • For example, the address 100 Smith Road is 1000m (or 1km) from the start of Smith Road.
  • An even number indicates a property is on the right hand side of the road.
  • The Council uses a blue plaque with white numbering to ensure consistency.
  • When making an emergency call, we recommend you advise your property (RAPID) number.

Urban property numbers are normally allocated as part of the subdivision process - please contact us if you have any questions.

How Do I Get a RAPID Number?

New plates for rural properties can be ordered from the Council, with a one-off $76.50 cost applying.

To obtain a RAPID number for your property contact David Currie - Engineering Asset Information Officer, Tasman District Council. Please be clear in your request if you are only requesting an address point.

Further Information

If you would like any further information about street or property numbering, contact David Currie - Engineering Asset Information Officer, Tasman District Council.