Street Naming

This page explains Tasman District Council's Street Naming Policy, and includes a link to the street names directory.

About the Policy

Council manages the naming of streets throughout the District and endeavours to meet suggested names that are submitted by developers or residents. The use of Māori names is encouraged. Duplication of names within Tasman and Nelson City is discouraged.

Street Name Index

Tasman District Council has an index which lists street names and the reason why a particular road/street was named. The index is updated every six months, but please note not all streets and places are included.

Naming Rights-Of-Way and Private Roads

Where a request is presented to Council for the naming of an existing private right-of-way or road, or in naming proposed private rights-of-way or roads in relation to a subdivision, there are a number of conditions under the Local Government Act.

Ruby Bay Bypass Road Renaming

In October 2010 the Ruby Bay Bypass was completed, adding a completely new section of The Coastal Highway (State Highway 60) between Mapua and Tasman Village. This has resulted in the renaming and renumbering of a number of roads.

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