Ruby Bay Bypass Road Name Changes

There have been several road name changes as a result of the new Ruby Bay Bypass Road.

The Ruby Bay Bypass opened 22 October 2010, resulting in a quicker and safer journey for those travelling between Richmond and Motueka and beyond. The Bypass, which is called Te Mamaku Drive with the official name of The Coastal Highway, provides a more direct route inland than the previous coastal route. In doing so, it dissects existing roads which has required re-numbering and renaming in some places.

The old highway, now the Ruby Coast Scenic Route, will continue to provide access to the communities of Mapua and Ruby Bay as well as providing a scenic alternative to the new bypass through to Motueka. Still supporting cafes, wineries and galleries, the Scenic Route is now more a destination than a transit route.

  • The former Coastal Highway between the turn-off to Mapua and Mapua School is now known as Mapua Drive
  • Stafford Drive has been extended from Mapua School to above McKee Domain
  • The former Coastal Highway between McKee Domain and Tasman Village is now known as Aporo Road
  • Old Coach Road remains the same, until it reaches Gardner Valley Road.
  • The former section of Old Coach Road which is 300 metres North of Gardner Valley Road is now known as Stagecoach Road, which is a no exit road. Stagecoach is one word, the map is in error.
  • The former section of Old Coach Road accessible from Harley Road is now known as Tasman View Road. The majority of Tasman View Road is non-vehicular access and is available for recreational use only.

View a high resolution map showing name changes around the new Ruby Bay Bypass