Mobility Scooters

While you do not need a driver licence to operate a mobility scooter, there are some legal requirements and courtesy tips to help you:

  • You must operate your mobility scooter or power chair in a careful and considerate manner.
  • You must use the footpath when one is readily accessible and travel at a speed that does not endanger others.
  • It is illegal for you to ride, or let any person ride, in a way that may cause you or them injury.
  • Keep left, pass on the right.
  • Warn when approaching others from behind (some scooters are silent and so might not be heard by people who are hearing impaired).
  • Move off a shared path if you have stopped so others can pass.

The NZ Transport Agency has compiled a booklet "Keeping Mobile – How to use your Mobility Scooter or Power Chair Safely". You can obtain a copy by: