Total Mobility Passenger Transport

This page details of the Total Mobility discount scheme - how to join and how to use the service.

New ID Cards 

total mobility cardAll current members of the Total Mobility scheme should have received a personalised photo ID swipe card to replace the voucher system.

The card entitles you to the current local discount rate of 50% - to a maximum discount of $10 per trip.

I haven't got my card - what should I do?

You should contact your agency (e.g. Age Concern). They will ensure you are all set to use the scheme in the future.

If you are not a member, learn how to join.

In the vehicle

  1. The driving company who have machines in their cars to read the cards.
  2. The driver checks you are the person in the photo, before swiping the card at the beginning of the journey.
  3. When you arrive at your destination, the fare is calculated, minus the subsidy.
  4. You pay the driver, who should issue you with a receipt.
  5. The trip and transaction data are then sent to Council who pay the subsidy.

Can I use my card anywhere else?


The scheme currently operates in Auckland, Christchurch, Otago, Wellington, Northland, and Taranaki. If you are traveling to another region it is still wise to check with the relevant council before you travel. Nelson City Council can issue special vouchers for Total Mobility members who are travelling to places where cards are not yet in use.

I'm a new member - when do I get my card?

Once your agency has completed your assessment and your application approved by Council, your card will be posted to your address. Please allow 10 business days for it to arrive. 

What if my details change?

If you move house or your circumstances change you should contact your agency (e.g. Age Concern).

What if my card is lost/stolen?

Please call Nelson City Council customer services on (03) 546 0200 to arrange for a replacement card. You will need to pay the full fare until you receive your new card.

What do I do with my old voucher booklet?

Please dispose of any remaining vouchers. They are no longer valid and will not be accepted by drivers.

What will appear on my card?

Just your name, ID number, and expiry date (your date of birth and address details remain confidential).

What is Total Mobility?

Total Mobility is a door-to-door passenger transport voucher scheme that people with disabilities can apply to use.

The aim of the scheme is to increase the mobility of those with disabilities in the Nelson Tasman region.

The Nelson City Council administer the scheme on behalf of the Tasman District Council.

These cards can be used in other regions of New Zealand, replacing the old paper vouchers.

How Does the Scheme Work?

The scheme entitiles eligible people to receive a discount for their transport fare by swiping their card in the taxi.

This was previously by way of Total Mobilty vouchers  presented for each trip. 

Who Can Use Total Mobility?

To be eligible, you must have an impairment that prevents you from travelling unaccompanied, in a safe and dignified manner, on public transport.  Impairments include:

  • Getting to the place from where the transport departs
  • Getting on to the the transport
  • Riding securely
  • Getting off the transport
  • Getting to the destination.

Other acceptable reasons include:

  • Being unable to walk 500 metres unaided;
  • Being unable to understand and follow directions, communicate clearly with others, read timetables and place names;
  • Being unable to understand and use available information to assist you plan and undertake short journeys by public transport;
  • Being unable to safely enter and exit public transport unaided;
  • Being unable to take responsibility for your own personal safety and dignity throughout the journey;
  • Being unable to handle money to purchase the required fare.

Who Can Assess My Eligibility?

The following agencies are responsible for assessing people's eligibility to join the Total Mobility Scheme and issuing the personalised cards. They may charge you an assessment fee and if you are approved you must also pay that agency's annual subscription fee. It is recommended that you join an agency that provides a service for people with a similar disability to your own.

The agencies are:

Age Concern Richmond 03 544 7624
Royal Foundation for the Blind 03  547 6616 or 0800 243 333
Stroke Foundation 03 545 8177 or 025 216 0675
CCS Disability Awareness Action Nelson 03 548 4479
Epilepsy NZ (Nelson) 03 546 6398 or 0800 202 122
Idea Services Nelson (IHC) 03 538 1100
SF Nelson (Mental Health) 03 546 6090

Which Transport Companies Can I Use?

Participating transport service operators include:

  • Driving Miss Daisy (includes wheelchair equipped vehicle)
    Phone 03 547 2133
  • Nelson City Taxis (includes wheelchair hoist equipped vehicles)
    Phone 03 548 8225
  • Sun City Taxis
    Phone 03 548 2666  
  • Ray of Sunshine 
    Phone 03 5445004
  • Freedom Companion Driving Services
    Phone 03 539 4856 or 021 355 843


Including the area north to Marahau and south to Mapua, Moutere Valley and Motueka Valley.

  • Motueka Regional Ambulance - for people requiring wheelchair hoist vehicle only
  • Phone 03 528 7645

Golden Bay

There is currently no approved operator in Golden Bay. Scheme vouchers cannot be used in Golden Bay however residents can use their vouchers in Motueka, Richmond, Nelson and other regions of New Zealand.

Administration and Funding

The Total Mobility scheme is administered by Nelson City Council, with Tasman District Council contributing to the budget. The local share is funded via rates and the remainder comes through New Zealand Transport Agency funding.

Further Information

Total Mobility Administrator, Nelson City Council, PO Box 645, Nelson 7040, Phone 03 546 0200