Direct debits for rates and water

The easy no-fuss way to pay your rates and water rates accounts. Avoid incurring penalties for late payments by setting up automatic deductions from your bank account.

Arrange a direct debit

To sign up, please complete and sign the direct debit authority form and return it to the Council.  We will send you a confirmation letter when we have processed your application which will confirm the starting date and payment frequency.  Processing time will vary depending on demand - please allow at least 10 working days.

Rates direct debits

Direct Debit of rates allows you to spread your current year's rates payments over 12 months which may help your cash flow.

You can choose to pay either weekly (payments made Thursdays), fortnightly (payments made Thursdays), monthly (payments made on 20th of month), quarterly (payments made on due date) or annually (payments made on the first instalment due date- typically 20 August). 

If the date of the direct debit falls on a weekend or public holiday it will be carried over to the next working day.

If you pay weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, the amounts to be paid are automatically adjusted in late July or early August to ensure your rates are paid in full over the whole year. We will notify you in advance of the payment amounts and you can amend or cancel the payments at any time. 

If you pay quarterly or annually, your payment will be the amount showing on the rates invoice.

Water accounts

You can also pay your water accounts by direct debit. The six-monthly option will ensure your 6-monthly bill is fully paid on the due date and it takes away the challenges of having to accurately forecast your water usage.

About direct debits

If you set up a direct debit, you need to ensure you have sufficient funds to cover the direct debit amount. If you have insufficient funds, you may be charged fees by your bank. We may request you to do a “make up” payment, or we inform you that we’ve recalculated your direct debit going forward. 

If more than one payment is dishonored, the Council reserves the right to cancel your direct debit authority and cease direct debiting your account. We also reserve the right to decline any future direct debit applications that you submit for a period of one year after the last dishonour. If this happens you will be notified in writing and you will need to arrange for payment yourself.

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