Community grants application form

Use this form to apply for a 2019 Community Grant.

Step 1

  • Download:Community Grants application form 2019
  • Do not enter any text yet. Save the form to your computer.
  • Close your internet program (browser) and open the pdf from your machine.
  • You can now work on the form at your own pace, just save as you go.

Step 2

  • Complete all details in the Community Grants application form.
  • Once you have finished working on the Community Grants application form, come back to this page and complete the Summary Information below. 

Step 3

  • Attach your completed Community Grants application form using the 'browse' or 'choose file' button, and click submit.


Summary Information

Organisation details


Please enter your organisation's bank account details in this format: nn-nnnn-nnnnnnn-nnn.

Contact details

Project details


Please enter a brief (one sentence) summary of the project.

Project category

Funding request



Use the "browse" or "choose file" button to attach your completed Community Grants application form.

Is there any other information you would like to include?


Depending on your project, you may have plans, quotes, or supporting letters that you feel would help our decision making.

Please note that we only accept PDF, Word, Excel, or JPG files and the maximum file size is 2MB.

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