Some of you are reporting discoloured water coming out of household taps in Arbor-Lea Avenue, D'arcy Street, Doran Street and Croucher Street, Richmond.

We'll be flushing the lines as appropriate to clear the issue. In the meantime, the water is safe to drink, and we anticipate the problem will clear up within a short amount of time.

When the water comes back on

Run taps

You may experience fluctuations in water pressure after repairs. When the water supply is back on, we advise you to run your taps for a few minutes to clear any air from the system.


Downer is contracted to the Tasman District Council for maintaining the water network reticulation. Should you require any further information please phone:

  • Utilities Supervisor – Aidan Fraser: Mobile 0274 334 098
  • Contract Manager – Jasper Snyder: Mobile 0278 391 412