Tasman District Council has agreed a zero % rates revenue increase for the 2020/2021 financial year, understanding it to be in the best interests of the Tasman community.

Mayor Tim King says, “We still don’t fully understand the impact battling this pandemic will have on our community in the long-term. However, this is one step we can take to lessen the burden on all ratepayers at this time.”

Councillors and staff will identify over the coming months how and where savings can be made across the business to offset the reduction in rates income. Other income from commercial rentals and dividends from Nelson Airport and Port Nelson will also be less than expected, potentially creating a further shortfall.

“I do want to make it clear that the effects of a zero % rates increase will have an effect on some Council services and upcoming projects and that could continue for some time. We’ll be asking everyone to bear that in mind and manage their expectations as we navigate our way through this unprecedented event.

“The focus right now is helping our communities get though the difficult weeks and months ahead, while taking a long-term approach to our economic recovery. We’ll get there by working together."

Residents should be aware that while this means the overall rates revenue movement for council as a whole is zero, it will not necessarily translate into a zero rates rise for all ratepayers.  The actual increase for each ratepayer will vary because of the different services they receive that are funded through targeted rates.