Rates by email terms and conditions

As a ratepayer, you can opt to receive your Tasman District Council rates assessments, rates invoices (including invoices for water rates) and accompanying material by email or hyperlink rather than by post. We call all of these “Rates Notices”

Your emailed Rates Notices will replace the paper Rates Notices you currently receive by post.

You will be deemed to have received any Rates Notices sent to your email address two days after it was sent. Tasman District Council will not be responsible if any Rates Notices are not received by you. However, Tasman District Council will terminate your Rates Notices by email and revert to sending Rates Notices to you by post if we are aware you are not receiving the emails.

You are responsible for ensuring all information you have provided to Tasman District Council (including your email address and postal address) are correct, complete and up to date. You must advise Tasman District Council as soon as possible if your email address or postal address changes; and you can do so by emailing rates@tasman.govt.nz.

In order to maintain accurate records, you must validate your email address if and when requested to do so. Failure to respond to this request may result in your Rates Notices by email service being suspended.

At any time you may terminate this instruction by giving written or email notice of termination to Tasman District Council by emailing rates@tasman.govt.nz.

Tasman District Council will not be liable for any liability, damages, losses, costs and expenses (including indirect losses or consequential damages of any kind) suffered or incurred by you in connection with your choice to opt into Rates Notices  by email.

Tasman District Council may at any time modify, add to, or delete any of the terms and conditions of Rates Notices by email. 

Rates Notices by email may be cancelled at any time at the discretion of the Council.

Opting in for Rates Notices by email presently covers rates assessments, rates invoices (including invoices for water rates), and accompanying material. Tasman District Council may use postal correspondence to follow up outstanding rates or to send information or notices which at our discretion we feel would be better delivered by post. Receiving Rates Notices by email will not change how other Council correspondence is delivered.


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