Nelson Tasman Land Development Manual - LDM

The Nelson Tasman Land Development Manual becomes operative on 1 July 2019.

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Ratified by Tasman District Council on 9 May 2019, the Nelson Tasman Land Development Manual (NTLDM) will be considered for ratification by Nelson City Council on 20 June 2019.

The councils consider this an important document for delivering the shared goals for affordable and resilient asset management while balancing community expectations for our environment.

One set of standards for Nelson Tasman

The Manual replaces the Tasman District Council Engineering Standards 2013 and the Nelson Land Development Manual 2010, and provides one set of standards for the Nelson and Tasman region.

So what has changed

Read the Nelson Tasman Land Development Manual (pdf, 31 MB).


You can download the manual two ways. By chapter below

Chapter 1-Introduction (pdf, 633 KB)

Chapter 2-Qualifications, Process and Information (pdf, 1.3 MB)

Chapter 3-Definitions (pdf, 426 KB)

Chapter 4-Transportation (pdf, 8.5 MB)

Chapter 5-Stormwater (pdf, 10 MB)

Chapter 6-Wastewater (pdf, 2.3 MB)

Chapter 7-Water (pdf, 1.8 MB)

Chapter 8-Trenching and Reinstatement (pdf, 1.4 MB)

Chapter 9-Telecom and Lighting (pdf, 1.1 MB)

Chapter 10-Parks and Reserves (pdf, 1.3 MB

What's new?

Related guidance

Practice notes - stormwater inundation, bioretention and wetlands
Vertical datum

Background information

What's in the manual?
How was the manual developed?