Rural Land Management

How the Rural Land is managed in the District, the different zones, and the rationale for them.

The District’s land resource is largely rural. The rural area is defined as, land within any Rural 1, Rural 2, Rural 3, Rural Residential, Rural Industrial, or Conservation Zone, or within any Tourist Services, Open Space, or Recreation Zone adjoining any of the above zones. The rural production zones are the Rural 1 and Rural 2 Zones, and the Rural 3 Zone where that zone contains land with high productive value.

Overall, the rural land resource provides the District’s main opportunities to safeguard the life-supporting capacity of water, soil and ecosystems; to preserve and protect the natural character of the coast; to protect outstanding natural features and landscapes; to address the environment quality and amenity values of the District, and to sustain the land and soil resource to meet the reasonably foreseeable needs of future generations.

Rural 1 Zone
Rural 2 Zone
Rural 3 Zone
Rural Residential Zone
Other Rural Zones
Land Classification Reasoning
Rural Landscape

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