Land remediation update
Now that the Pigeon Valley fire is controlled, we will be working towards remediating damage caused by the fire and equipment used to contain it. Landowners/leaseholders need to initially utilise their insurance cover. Where there is no cover or the cover is insufficient, the next alternative is to ...

Saxton Field Committee

A joint committee to oversee this shared facility.

The Saxton Field Committee is a joint committee of Tasman District Council and Nelson City Council.


Two Councillors from each Council form the Committee:

Representing Tasman District Council

  • Cr Tim King
  • Cr Kit Maling

Representing Nelson City Council

  • Cr Gaile Noonan
  • Cr Tim Skinner

Saxton Field is a major regional sporting complex developed and managed by Nelson City and Tasman District Councils over a number of years.

Over the last couple of years, both Councils have undertaken new developments at the complex and there are a range of other projects currently underway or in their planning phase.