Golden Bay Landscape Project

Also known as the Golden Bay & Northwest Coast Landscape Study, this work will be completed as part of the wider Tasman Resource Management Plan review.

Current project status

A full review of the Tasman Resource Management Plan and Tasman Resource Policy Statement is getting underway from 2020 and the Golden Bay & Northwest Coast Landscape Study will be rolled into this wider plan review process. 

We have recently commissioned a district wide landscape assessment as part of the pre-review work. This assessment is due to be completed in mid 2020.


All the previous information/landscape assessment work in Golden Bay will be pulled together to become a chapter in the district wide landscape assessment, including outstanding natural feature and landscape recommendations from the Small Working Group. 


Further information about the wider plan review will be on our website as soon as it is available.

Project summary
Foundation work by the Small Working Group
Draft Golden Bay Landscapes Plan Change - now part of the Tasman Environment Plan Review

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