Port Tarakohe development plan and draft business case

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This project is partly funded by the Provincial Growth Fund

29 August Council decisions:

Submissions received

Next step: Provincial Growth Fund application

Following the public consultation process, the Council agreed at its 29 August meeting to amend the proposed business case in line with hearing panel recommendations.

About the project

We’ve been working with iwi and key stakeholders to develop a draft business case to guide the future development and upgrade of Port Tarakohe in Golden Bay. This project is partially funded by the Provincial Growth Fund.

Driving the need for development is a projected increase in mussel production in Golden and Tasman Bays. An upgrade would allow the port to cope with increased mussel tonnage, and realise significant economic benefits from the aquaculture industry.

We know Port Tarakohe is widely used and valued by the local community. The area is also of high cultural significance for iwi, and is an important habitat for little blue penguins.

Balancing the economic and operational use of the port with social, cultural, recreational and environmental values is a key consideration in the development of the business case.

The proposals would see the recreational and commercial areas of the port upgraded and reconfigured to meet the needs of all users.


Port Tarakohe Draft Business Case (pdf, 1.2 MB)

Consultation document - Port Tarakohe Proposed Development and Draft Business Plan (pdf, 2.8 MB)

Port Tarakohe Overall Site Plan August 2019 (pdf, 4.8 MB)


Note appendices A and B are included in the Draft Business case document.

Port Tarakohe - Appendix C - Public Engagement Summary (pdf, 2.3 MB)

Port Tarakohe - Appendix D - Strategic Cultural Overview endorsed by MKM (pdf, 461 KB)

Port Tarakohe - Appendix E - Health & Safety Review (pdf, 593 KB)

Port Tarakohe - Appendix F - Cost Benefit Analysis - High Level Summary (pdf, 197 KB)

Port Tarakohe - Appendix G - Port Tarakohe Final Design at Concept Stage & Resource Consent Analysis (pdf, 39 MB)

What is the business case for? 

A business case means agreeing on and costing out the work to provide for current and future needs. To be clear, a business case is not an approval process, it is a costing and design exercise to help inform future decision making about further investment in this community asset.

Why prepare a business case for Port Tarakohe?

“The Port is a highly valued community asset. We need to acknowledge its past history and current use, all while ensuring it’s going to be around for future generations.” 

Deputy Mayor Tim King

Port Tarakohe is a community asset that provides for both recreational and commercial opportunities.

The Port plays a pivotal role in providing recreational and commercial access to the wider Tasman, it provides sheltered boat launching, it is the home to ‘learn to sail’ operations and cultural waka ama experiences along with recreational fishing off the existing breakwater.

A business case for Port Tarakohe needs to:

  • ensure social and economic resilience,
  • comply with regulations eg: Health & Safety / Food Safety / Water Standards / Environmental,
  • meet operational needs for current and future recreational & commercial users,
  • account for climate change, and
  • to retain and protect this community asset for future generations.
Working with the community
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What happens after the business case is developed?


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