Waimea Community Dam

Details of the Waimea Community Dam project in the Lee Valley.

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First shareholders update released

For updates and progress visit the Waimea Water site

The Waimea Community Dam is being constructed by Waimea Water Limited. To view current progress on the dam's construction, visit waimeawater.nz


Waimea Water Limited presented its first project update to the Council in June 2019.

Download the presentation

Waimea Community Dam Shareholders Update - June 2019 (pdf, 3.7 MB)


Project funding and rates impact

Project funding
Effect on rates
Financial risks

Recent updates

Waimea Community Dam gets final green light
Revised funding proposal details
Letters from the Office of the Auditor General - November 2018
Our submission to the local bill - 11 October 2018
Confidential revised funding report released - 6 September 2018

Previous consultation

Resource consent

The resource consent application for the dam was publicly notified in 2014 and after the submissions, hearing and appeals the various consents were granted in 2015.

Full details of the resource consent application - and all the documentation - is available on our old website.

View the resource consent application

Browse Waimea Community Dam project documents, including environmental and scientific reports, newsletters and representative reports, as well as historical material.