Survey of Tasman Businesses

Information gathered in this survey will help us plan for future business growth.

As part of the new national guidelines around planning for urban development, Councils for growing areas such as Tasman need to demonstrate that we have sufficient space allocated for the future growth of all business activities in our region. We also want to make sure that in the future we have the right type of business land in the right location, ensuring that all our towns and centres are well supplied 

To get a clearer picture of what the future may hold, we're asking businesses in the district to complete this survey to tell us about their future plans.(external link)

We realise the huge challenges presented to businesses by Covid-19 will pose significant hurdles for many future plans. However, we are required to report to Central Government on our business land supply by mid next year. We’d still like to hear what your thoughts are for the future, as they stand at the moment. This information will be very useful to us, although we know we’ll need to ask the same questions again in a couple of years time 

The survey is available online using the link above until 4 November 2020. 


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