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Future Development Strategy feedback

The first round of consulatation has closed - thanks for your feedback. A second, more detailed round will begin in April.

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Nelson and Tasman are growing fast and we continue to need more houses for people to live in, places for people to work and earn a living, and spaces for relaxation, exercise and community events. 

Nelson City Council and Tasman District Council are working together to plan for and manage urban growth over the next 30 years. The Nelson Tasman Future Development Strategy will determine whether we keep growing our city and towns in the same way we have in the past, or if we take a different approach.

As well as planning for the extra homes and businesses our region will need, we must be aware that business
needs are changing, new housing needs to be affordable, and the make-up of our communities will change over time.

This is an important conversation for our community, and we want to hear your views. Thank you for taking the opportunity to play a part in planning for the future of Nelson-Tasman.


Read the consultation document

Nelson Tasman Future Development Strategy Consultation Document (pdf, 168 KB)

Why is an FDS needed?
Why do we need to manage growth?
Objectives of the FDS
What are the constraints on development?
So what are the options?
What comes next?

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