Building inspections

Find out about the inspections you'll need, how to book them, and what will happen.

Every building consent is granted subject to the condition that the building work is inspected. The building consent officer processing your building consent application will determine what inspections will be necessary during your build. A list of inspections and requirements for each inspection will be attached to the building consent.

Please ensure that you read the inspection requirements and are familiar with them before starting building work. If you believe anything on the inspection list is incorrect, please contact the Council as soon as possible.

Your final inspection will be for a "Code Compliance Certificate".

Note - Commercial building projects may require a Certificate for Public Use (CPU), find out more about CPU's.  

How do I book an inspection?
What will happen in the inspection?
What if the work fails the inspection?
What if the work isn't ready, and I have to cancel the booking?
What are the different types of inspection I might need?

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