Certificate for public use

A certificate for public use allows the public to access a building before work is finished

Do I need this certificate?

Yes, if you want the public to access the building. It's the way we show it's safe, and also a requirement of the Building Act.

Read guidance from MBIE Public access while building or altering a public building(external link).

If you are unsure as to whether you will need a Certificate for Public Use for your building please call and speak to the Building Compliance team.

How to apply

What documentation do I need?

  • Energy works certificates (electrical and gas if applicable)
  • Producer statements (PS3’s) for the install or alteration of any specified systems
  • Producer statement construction review/s (PS4) for any engineered works
  • Confirmation surface finishes have been completed as per the approved fire report and specifications
  • Other documents may also be required to determine that the building will be safe for public use

Once these steps are complete the application will be reviewed.  If any further information or clarification is required we will request this.

Then, once the safety steps eg. hoardings or fencing are installed, we'll work with you to arrange an inspection.

The public cannot use the building until the certificate is issued.  The issued Certificate may come with conditions to be followed and is valid only for a certain time period.  A Code Compliance Certificate must be obtained before this date, or an extension to the Certificate for Public Use requested and issued to allow the building’s use to continue.

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