Compost, worm farms and bokashi

May is Kickstart Compost month - grab your free $30 voucher to get you started, as well as tips to help you reduce food waste.

May is Kickstart Compost month

How it works:
For the month of May 2019, Nelson and Tasman residents are entitled to one $30 subsidy (including gst) per year per household. This can only be claimed through an approved retailer at point of purchase. The coupon must be filled in with either a Nelson or Tasman street address (PO Box numbers not accepted).

Use this coupon at an approved retailer (see overleaf) to get $30 off a compost bin, worm farm or bokashi set.

Kickstart Compost Coupon 2019 (pdf, 1.3 MB)


Participating retailers
Enhance your garden and save money by composting
Getting started is easy
What to compost - and what not to
Setting up your bin
Tips for awesome compost
Bokashi - a two bucket system
Worm farms

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