Kerbside collections

Details of collections. Bins should be out by 7.00 am please.

Download the Recycling Collection Calendar (pdf, 859 KB)

Download the calendar and keep a copy on your device.

Key information

  • Rubbish bags are collected every week.
  • Recycling (glass and other recycling) is collected every two weeks.
  • Your collection day is printed on your recycling bin.
  • Place rubbish and recycling at the kerbside by 7.00 am.

Rubbish bags

  • Please note only rubbish in official rubbish bags will be collected.
  • Bags are available from Council offices. 45-litre bags are $2.40 and 60-litre bags are $3.10.
  • All major supermarkets sell Council rubbish bags.

Holiday collections 2019/2020

Kerbside recycling collection will be a day later from Christmas Day. If your normal collection day is Wednesday 25 December then your collection will be Thursday 26 December. That carries on each day through to Saturday.

The same changes will apply for New Year’s Day week. Monday and Tuesday collections will be as normal in both weeks.

Recycling collections

Download your kerbside recycling guide (pdf, 3.4 MB)

Please put glass in the blue crate, put paper, plastic, cardboard and cans in the yellow-top.

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