Resource consents and subdivision

Resource Consents are needed for subdivision, a new use for a piece of land, taking water, discharging contaminants, and a range of other activities.

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Learn how the Resource Management Act and the Tasman Resource Management Plan set the requirements for resource consents, whether you need one, and if you do, how it will work.

Before you apply, please come and talk to us - we can provide you with plenty of guidance and information to help you get it right first time.

Ready? Time to put together your documentation and apply.

You may be able to make a submission before a decision on a consent application is made, or an objection or appeal after we have made a decision on a consent application.

About your consent, its conditions, and ways you can manage or change them.

This is where you can find out more information about Resource Consent applications that have been lodged with us.

You can see consent applications and decisions of significant interest to the community. We have either not yet made a decision on notification, or they did not meet the legal test for public notification.