Cleaning and chemicals

Learn about storage and safe disposal of household chemicals.

Many of the household cleaners, detergents and pesticides used in and around your home may be classified as hazardous substances. That means they are potentially dangerous to you, your family and the environment. 

Hazardous substances you may find around your house could include things like:

  • Bleach;
  • Cleaning products such as detergents;
  • Antiseptics and antibacterial products;
  • Pesticides such as rat poison, insect repellents and fly sprays;
  • Swimming pool chemicals such as chlorine.

Where possible, try to use less-hazardous cleaning products which reduce harm to the environment.

Chemicals must be carefully stored and used to avoid harm.

Please keep toxic chemicals out of our waterways

Please note that all chemicals, however environmentally-friendly, can kill life in waterways. Do not allow them to enter any outside drains or parts of the stormwater system, which drains water straight to streams.

Disposing of household hazardous waste
How can I tell if a substance is hazardous?
Tips for storage

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