On-site wastewater systems

On-site wastewater solutions are vital for many rural and off-grid properties. If you're installing or upgrading, this is the place to start.

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A household, work space or other accommodation option all generate a wastewater stream. Toilet flows, kitchen water, shower and laundry water all need to be managed onsite where there is no reticulated council sewer.

  • You will need a building consent. 
  • You may need a resource consent.

You or your wastewater designer will need to assess the proposal and site against the applicable zone and area rules for a wastewater discharge to land to determine whether a resource consent is needed in addition to a building consent.

If unsure contact the council duty planner for initial advice.

The wastewater regulation process

The wastewater regulation process sets out rules by the council to ensure your onsite wastewater system works properly.

These rules are designed to make sure there is no health risk to people, no bad smells or environmental contamination to ground water, surface water or land from your onsite wastewater system.

The rules are created by two separate Government acts:

  • The Building Act - your wastewater system will need a building consent.
  • The Resource Management Act (RMA) and the Tasman Resource Management Plan rules – you may need a resource consent in addition to a Building Consent.
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