HAIL Register

This page details the HAIL Register and provides information for landowners whose sites may have been included on the register

The HAIL Register is an up to date inventory of properties where land use activities that may result in land contamination have occurred. By identifying sites where hazardous substances have been used, stored or disposed of, Council can ensure that land users make sure that the sites do not present a danger to workers, the community or the environment when they develop or use the site. 

The HAIL Register allows Council to ensure that sensitive developments such as residential housing and schools are not built on contaminated sites.

About the HAIL register
HAIL register categories
Amending the details on the HAIL register
Changes of land use and subdivision of potentially hazardous land
Government funding for landowners to remediate HAIL sites land
Purchasing a property on a HAIL site
Actions to minimise impact from potentially hazardous soils

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