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Boat ramps

Find information regarding boat ramps and launching lanes in the district.



Boat ramps

Port Tarakohe has cameras located around the port to monitor activity, health & safety and security risks. The footage from these cameras will be used to support enforcement of charges for the use of facilities at the port.

Cargo transferred between vessels within the port are liable to standard wharfage charges.

All charges for berths, moorings, storage and leased areas are payable in advance. For any overdue payments a penalty interest charge of 1% per month will be payable. All other payments are due on the 20th of the month following on standard commercial trade terms.

All berth, mooring, storage and leased area users are required to sign a current port user agreements when requested by the Port Manager. Any users that refuse to sign a current port user agreement, will vacate their berth, mooring, storage or leased area within 48 hours.

An administration charge of 10% per annum may be added to any charges paid by instalments during the year.

Visitors and users that do not notify the Port Manager 24 hours before arrival to pre-arrange berthage requirements, will be charged a penalty fee of $100 (including GST).

 No storage is permitted on wharf structures unless specifically authorised by the Port Manager in writing. Storage rates apply after 24 hours of cargo/material arriving (allowance to be made for extenuating circumstances such as bad weather). Storage to be in the assigned areas only. Bulk cargo in transit may have extended demurrage with approval of the Port Manager. Failure to comply may result in a “penalty storage charge” of $500 (including GST) being issued and non-removal within 48 hours may incur removal charges and a further fee of $500 (including GST).

A fixed marine fuelling site, or any mobile fuelling where oils are transferred by way of a hose or similar between shore-and-ship, or ship-to-ship, is required to have a Tier-1 Fuel Transfer Site Oil Spill Contingency Plan approved in advance by the Council’s Regional On-Scene Commander. This does not apply to the transfer of self-contained fuel containers (tote tanks, sealed drums or similar) from shore-to-ship or ship-to-ship. The Council as Port Operator has full control over any activities conducted within the Port and therefore approval in writing is required before any fuel transfer is permitted – any approvals will also be subject to litreage charges. Failure to seek approval and comply with Council’s requirements will incur a fine of $2,000 plus the costs of the activity that would normally apply and any costs of clean up/damage repair.

The charges may be varied by the Chief Executive Officer where special circumstances exist.

Wharfage and berthage 

Wharfage for Port Tarakohe


Charges from 1 July 2019
including GST

Type of cargo


Fish and shellfish

Includes all marine animals

$21.00 per tonne

Fuel and oil (other than use of fixed facility)

Fuel transfer only - no storage

3 cent per litre

General cargo




Where no vessel berthed


Vehicles (includes vehicle passengers)

Cars and motorbikes up to 6m

Light vehicles incl. cars with trailers up to 12.6m

Heavy vehicles and any vehicles over 12.6m


Over-dimension, overweight and HMPV vehicles




Greater of $100.00/vehicle

or $5.00/tonne

Boat movements

Includes re-floating etc.



All truck movements >1.5 tonne



Berthage - casual rates

Charges from 1 July 2019
including GST 

Wharf berthage per day

$5.00/metre* or

50 cents/gross registered tonnage, whichever is the greater

 Wharf berthage ancillary services – security, line charges and all other services


 Marina berthage per day

$3.00/metre or $30.00/vessel

whichever is the greater

Mooring per day


 *discount may be available for long term stays by arrangement only


Berthage - Annual Fees

Berth length

Charges from 1 July 2019 including GST

Recreational - Plastic Marina

8 metre – restricted access

8 metre

10 metre

12 metre

14 metre

16 metre

18 metre

20 metre









Commercial - Plastic Marina

 8 metre – restricted access

8 metre

10 metre

12 metre

14 metre

16 metre

18 metre

20 metre









Commercial - Concrete Marina

12 metre

15 metre

25 metre






Live Aboard – Marina (additional to berth charge)






Boat ramp

Charges from 1 July 2019 including GST
Tarakohe boat ramp barrier arm $10.00 per use
Pōhara Boat Club Members boat ramp access – fees collected and paid by Pōhara Boat Club prior to issue of card


 (plus $10 for each access card)

Non-Pōhara Boat Club members boat ramp access $150.00 pa (plus $10.00 for each access card)


Storage at Port Tarakohe

 Charges from 1 July 2019 including GST

Type of storage



Boat Storage Compound



Boat Storage Compound



Boat Storage Compound



Wharf storage









20’ TEU container






40’ FEU container