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Dealing with the full array of council business, all elected officials are members of this committee.

Developing facilities and reserves while helping our communities plan, grow, learn and become more resilient.

This committee develops and implements policy for the District's built infrastructure - and manages improvements, renewals and replacements.

A standing committee with wide-ranging responsibilities to protect public health, as well as our natural and built environment.

Oversees the audit of our Annual Report and Long Term Plan as well as any other audit management reports.

This committee helps develop, approve, implement and monitor management of Council's commercial activities.

This committee helps oversee joint operations between both local councils.

Yes, once you flush in our biggest urban areas, there's a committee who look after what happens next.

A joint committee to oversee the development and delivery of regional pest management.

A joint committee to oversee this shared facility.

This committee helps us take a regional approach to transport issues.

Deals with all alcohol licensing matters.

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