Access is open

Moturoa/Rabbit Island is open.

BBQs are open and available for use.

Remember if you see smoke or any sign of fire please call 111 immediately.

A new watermain is currently being installed across Moturoa/Rabbit Island. The route mainly crosses forestry land, but for those intending to walk or cycle on the island, we would ask that you keep clear of the work area and pay attention to all construction signage.

You can find out more about by visiting the Māpua - Rabbit Island-Best Island Trunk Watermain project page 


Opening hours

Gates open at sunrise and close at 7.30pm.

Map of Moturoa Rabbit Island front beach reserve

Map of Moturoa Rabbit Island front beach reserve


General information

  • Visitors are asked to keep to the marked trails and obey all signage.
  • Logging is in progress and trucks are in constant use.
  • Please use caution, particularly at intersections.
  • Dogs are not permitted on Moturoa / Rabbit Island. They are welcome on Rough Island.

Forest harvesting

Due to harvesting operations roads can close at any time. Please observe any operational signage and use alternative routes if necessary.

Dogs prohibited

Please note that dogs are prohibited on Moturoa / Rabbit Island.

Need help? Contact us

Phone 03 543 8400

Email enquiries to us during normal business hours.