Pest and wasp control operations

Pest control in the Lake Rotoiti area September 2019

The Department of Conservation is intending to carry out rat control over approximately 1128 ha in Nelson Lakes National Park from 1 September to 13 December 2019.

The rat poison, Pindone, a pellet bait incorporating a first-generation anticoagulant (active ingredient Pindone 0.5g/kg) will be used. Bait will be presented within bait stations.

The area that will be treated is bounded by the head of Lake Rotoiti, a few properties on the east of St Arnaud, farmland to the north and National Park to the east and south as per the attached map.

Any remaining bait will be removed from these stations by 13 December and arrangements made to dispose of it through the appropriate facility.

Rotoiti Nature Recovery Project Rodent Control 2019 (pdf, 201 KB)

Rotoiti Nature Recovery Project Rat Control Factsheet 2019 - DOC (pdf, 837 KB)